The idea

Life inside
a suitcase

The idea of Share That Wear started with a suitcase. My entire wardrobe had to fit into this one suitcase, including shoes and accessories.... try sitting on it! I had moved back into my parents' house for college, had given up everything material, including most of my closet, and was now no longer tied to my posessions. The reasons for this for me were the desire for flexibility and freedom. I wanted to be able to just pack my bags whenever I wanted to explore new countries, conquer the Colorado River in a rubber dinghy or even just leave for a semester abroad.

Share That Wear Alissa

Ouch, that hurts

Sorry my dear wallet

Giving up the majority of your wardrobe also means, of course, that you have to show a certain flexibility in terms of clothing style. As free as I felt, it still became difficult in certain situations. My limited selection of clothes had me on my toes, constantly. When I needed clothes that exceeded the space in my suitcase, I was forced to make new purchases - often very expensive ones. I'm sure everyone has an experience like that: Buy new, wear it once and then let it disappear again for weeks in the closet - well for me it was the suitcase. Often it was also the case that I had bought new pieces for an upcoming event, which then ended up on the secondhand selling platform immediately afterwards. My big problem with this was that, even in the case of reselling, the financial loss was severe.


Heaven sent you - or did it?

Share That Wear Channel Handtasche

Once again confronted with the I-have-nothing-to-dress problem, an angel appeared in the form of my best friend. "Why don't you take something from me?" she offered as she once again heard the old familiar grumble from me.

Full of enthusiasm, we dove into her closet, only to be wake up to a disappointing reality shortly thereafter: We just didn't have the same size, nothing wanted to fit... I should have known, because her legs are already twice as long as mine. Well... The frustration was real.

That's it

Now, here's an idea

There had to be a way to help each other out in such a situation. We couldn't possibly be the only ones with this problem, right? We didn't find a solution at that time. But the idea for Share That Wear was born.

What followed was a roller coaster of emotions: positive feedback followed by abrupt knock downs, rejections and many closed doors. But as the wise Wilhelm Busch used to say: "Perseverance is rewarded sooner or later - but mostly later". I didn't let up, and I'm thrilled to announce that Share That Wear will be going online later this year.

Share That Wear is not only fulfilling my startup dreams, but also my vision of an inspirational lifestyle community. A community enabling people to always access or provide suitable and high-quality outfits among each other. Share That Wear is meant to be your best friend providing you the perfect outfit. This way you can always dress your best and shine in every life situation.

See ya

I'll see you soon

I'm excited to show you my suitcase contents soon and share them with the community. I'm also looking forward to dressing up for the next event soon and - who knows - maybe it's your pieces I'll be wearing?

Welcome to the community!