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List. Share. Smile.

Unfortunately, you can't wear everything you own every day. So open your enviable closet to the community and share your pride and joy. This way you can earn money comfortably and get your investment back soon.

Tap the treasure
in your drawers

You have no idea how much money you can earn with your items? We'll give you a good idea about it with the following winter jacket calculation example:

Original price of your winter jacket: CHF 1'200,-
Rental price per week: CHF 180,-*
Rental period: 1 week

Your earnings: CHF 135**

*recommended rental price per week is 5-15 % of the original price
**You receive 75 % of the rental price.

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How it works

Uploading for free

You get your own store. Quickly set up your listings in the app. Good photos, detailed descriptions and competitive prices will increase your chances to rent out your items. If you need help with any part of the process, we're there for you

Renting out & shipping

You received an order? Congratulations!
Carefully pack the item, print the prepaid address label and take the package to the nearest collection point.


Once your customer receives your package, they have 24 hours to report any defects. After this period you will receive your rental income. You keep 75% of the rental price.

Voices from the Community

Share That Wear Gründerin

I definitely want to start renting out pieces on Share That Wear soon. I usually wear the same outfit, many bags and dresses I wear only on special occasions. I can share these items with other community members in the meantime to bump up my vacation money. And if I want to wear the things myself, I'll just block them for a while. How good is that!? But the most important thing, I think, is that Share That Wear seems very trustworthy and high quality.

Sabine L.

Convenient & completely carefree

100% insurance coverage

Each of your items is insured against damage and theft. With each rental, an automatic mini-insurance is included with no forms to fill out. Just upload your purchase receipt or order confirmation and you're covered.

Set your price

We recommend that you set your weekly rental price at 5-15% of the original value (adjusted for age and condition). We will help you with the ideal pricing of your items and how to get the most out of your items while remaining competitive.

Shipping included

You will receive two labels for outbound and return shipping. Put the return shipping label in the package with the rented item and drop it off at an collection point near you. The label is prepaid, so you won't have any shipping costs when you drop it off.

Keep it clean

Make sure your items are freshly washed and have no rips, scratches or stains. Clean your items again as soon as they come back, so they can be rented out again in top condition.


You can block your items if you want to wear them yourself. But make sure that the dates in your calendar are up to date and that you can send on time if someone wants to rent an item.

Stars, stars, stars

We are all about mutual evaluation, so that we can maintain trust within the community and show appreciation for each other. Let the stars rain and give out lots of positive - and of course honest - ratings.