How do I rent?

Click. Find. Shine.

We believe you deserve to look great! Being well-dressed and feeling great to hand in hand after all.

The magic formula is quite simple: clothing in which we feel comfortable not only has a magical effect on our appearance, but also on our innermost well-being. And when we feel good, it has a positive effect on our appearance and self-confidence.

With us you have access to top brands at a low price. Why buy expensive when you can rent designer brands? You should feel good and confident and shine in any situation... and save your wallet at the same time.

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How it works

Find your look

Share That Wear provides you with a wide selection of unique designer pieces. Click through the community's stylish closets via app or computer and find your favorite looks. Use the calendar function to tell us from when to when you want to rent the items.

Be a superstar!

The delivery will be right on time at your desired date. Tell us with one click if everything is fine with the rented pieces. Next it's time to get dressed, feel great and enjoy. Payment is made conveniently via credit card.

Farewell, my love

You probably really don't want to return the items and we absolutely get it. Nevertheless, the pieces must be returned to their owners so that others can also shine with them. Just put the prepaid shipping label, which we include for you, on the package and bring it to the nearest collection point.

Voices from the Community

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It's not that I don't appreciate shopping and owning things, but sometimes it hurts to spend a lot of money on an outfit that, realistically, I will wear once or twice. This, for example, is exactly what happened on the last wedding I was invited to. I had to buy a whole suit for that one occasion. With Share That Wear, I will be able to rent outfits for all future events and send them back conveniently. Since insurance is provided, I can wear everything carefree.


Convenient & completely carefree

100% insurance coverage

Stains happen and zippers break. That's why every item you rent is insured. With each one of your rentals, an automatic mini-insurance is included - without added costs or forms to fill out.

The timetable

Life doesn't always work according to plan. That's why we let you pick the right time. Just tell us in the calendar function from when to when you want to rent your favorite outfit. The minimum rental period is 4 days.

Easy return shipping

A return shipping label is already included when you receive your pieces. Apply it to the package at the end of your rental period and bring it to a collection point near you. The label is prepaid, so you won't have any shipping costs when you drop it off.


Did your items arrive dirty or defective? No problem! Just let us know at the latest 24 hours after delivery and send the package back within this time frame. You will be refunded the full rental amount.

Stars, stars, stars

We are all about mutual evaluation, so that we can maintain trust within the community and show appreciation for each other. Let the stars rain and give out lots of positive - and of course honest - ratings.

All Inclusive

The rental price you see when you select your items and rental period also includes insurance and shipping. So there are no additional costs waiting when you check out.

What you won't find

Rent designer fashion for less with Share That Wear

Red alert - a new look is needed and fast! But what to do when the closet is full and the wallet is empty? We say: These are no reasons to miss out on a great new outfit! With Share That Wear you have the opportunity to put together outfits from countless high-quality designer pieces and rent them cheaply over your desired period of time. Designer pants, tops, shoes and the matching luxury bags and belts can be rented easily: Once you have opened the doors to our community's closet, the sky is the limit. Get inspired and save both your wallet and the environment by renting your favorite pieces. Buying and hoarding expensive branded fashion was yesterday, from now on we Share That Wear!

Feel like a million bucks

Today I'm wearing your favorite piece

Who doesn't dream of casually slinging a handbag in the classic Louis Vuitton design over their shoulder? Or to take a pair of real Balenciagas to the streets just once? A high-end outfit makes you feel confident and great about everything you do. Often it's details like a designer bag or "that one jacket" that make the memory of a party or a trip so precious and special. The Share That Wear app is where you'll find all the luxury clothing and accessories that always seemed out of reach: Rent and borrow design pieces from Gucci, Valentino, Off-White, Kenzo, Supreme and co. in just a few steps for a reasonable price - shipping and insurance included. Rent a suit or rent a bag. Do it for a special occasion or just because.... We think you deserve it. 😘

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Renting and borrowing luxury clothing, made easy

Rental Fashion with Share That Wear

Renting designer clothes with Share That Ware is not only cheap, but also super relaxed. From searching to setting the rental period, our app supports you with all the necessary info at a glance. Just enter into the calendar when you want to rent clothes, shoes and bags and the owner will book the selected period for you. You can then conveniently pay by credit card and be sure that no hidden costs await you afterwards. Also, because all items are automatically insured through us, you don't have to worry about damage or theft and you can party all you want in your new outfit as soon as the rented pieces arrive at your door. When the rental period is over, it's time to say goodbye and the pieces go back to the owner, so that someone else can enjoy them again soon. Are your fashion senses tingling? Try it out and become part of our designer fashion community! You can find the Share That Wear app for free in the app store.